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At Coastal Carolina Supply, we offer a complete controller system package that can be installed in minutes, as well as a full line of Stenner pumps and parts. Controller systems are fully assembled and shipped with everything you need to get up and running and include installation instructions. Orders will be shipped in the continental United States only. Standard UPS rates apply and will be calculated at the time of order. NC residents add applicable sales tax.



Controllers Stacked.jpg 








     Fully Assembled and Ready to Ship! 

 Free Shipping on Controller Systems Ordered before December 1st!

Installs in less than 30 minutes!  Includes everything you need for a trouble-free installation. System includes:

  • WTC Dual Readout Controller for ORP and pH monitoring
  • Two 45 MP Series Fixed-Rate Pumps (Also available in 85 MP Series Pump)
  • Safety Pressure Switch
  • Test Cell Complete
  • One ORP Electrode and One pH Electrode
  • (1) 25' Roll of 3/8" Flexible Tubing
  • (1) 25" Roll of 1/4" Flexible Tubing
  • (2) 3/8" Shut-Off Valves
  • Fully Assembled on PVC Mounting Board; as Easy to Hang as a Picture!
  • Shipped with Complete Installation Instructions, The Planet Coastal Pool Operator's Guide, and Access to Video Tutorials
  • Free Technical Assistance for 12 months! Simply call (800) 849-8464, ext. 112!

45MP4 Fixed Rate (35 GPD) both sides (Standard)..$2,495.00 + Free Shipping!
85MP4 Fixed Rate (60 GPD) chlorine side...............$2,545.00 + Free Shipping!
A45M4 Adjustable Rate (0-35 GPD) both sides.......$2,795.00 + Free Shipping!
(This is the preferred setup for spas, kiddie pools, and wading pools)



All system components are available individually to keep your system at peak performance.

Pool Operator's Guide Charlotte.png 

From the Planet Coastal Pool Operator's Guide for Automated Pools and Spas (2nd Edition)

Safety Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch.jpg
Prevents chemical feeding in the event of circulation system failure. Adjustable from 2-22 PSI. Required in most states.

$155.00 + Shipping


 Test Cell with Fittings

 Test Cell Complete.jpg
Test cell comes complete with compression fittings for easy connections to existing tubing as well as a test port to allow for water testing from inside the pump room.

$134.95 + Shipping 


O-Ring and Screw Kit

Install o-ring kit.jpg 
Replacement for worn-out o-ring. Comes with stainless steel screws.



Test Cell Fittings, Original Equipment
Install test cell fittings.jpg
The original AQUASOL Compression Fittings.


Test Cell Fittings, Upgrade

Install test cell fittings upgrade.jpg
The fittings used by Planet Coastal. Upgrade includes swivel compression fittings with shut-off valve/test port.


 ORP and pH Electrodes

ORP and pH electrodes come with 10' of cable and BNC connectors. 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

ORP: $159.95 + Shipping
pH: $160.68 + Shipping


Electrode Fitting

Electrode Fitting.jpg
Electrode fittings are included with the purchase of the Test Cell and are also included in the Controller Package (Complete).

$5.55 (No Shipping)



3/8" x 7/16" Thread Shut-Off Valve (two included in Controller Package, Complete).

Shut off Valve.jpg


1/4"x 3/8"x3/8" Tee (two included in Controller Package, Complete).

3/8"x 3/8" Tubing Connector.


Stenner 1/4" Thread Injector w/ jam nut and ferrule.
PVC Injector.jpg

Stenner pumps are available in multiple configurations to accomodate any chemical need. The standard setup in our Controller Package, Complete is Model 45MP4110 (35 gpd) for both the chlorine and acid sides. This setup can handle all but the largest pools. If necessary, we can assemble your system with Model 85MP4110 (60 gpd) on the chlorine side only. In smaller bodies of water such as spas, kiddie, or wading pools, we will assemble your system with (2) adjustable feed rate pumps to allow for precise control of the chemical feed.

Model: 45MP4 (35 GPD)/85MP4110 (60 GPD)

45MP4 $352.00 + Shipping 
85MP4 $385.00 + Shipping

Model: A45M4 (0-35 GPD)

Stenner adjustable.png
$490.00 + Shipping

Model: A85M4 (0-60 GPD)
Stenner adjustable.png
$509.60 + Shipping

Stenner Replacement Parts

Feed Tubes

#2 Feed Tube w/ ends
 Stenner Tube 2.jpg
$23.34 each

 #4 Feed Tube(s) w/ ends
Stenner Tubes 4.jpg
$22.50 each

QuickPro Replacement Head with Tube

QuickPro Head.jpg
Quickpro head comes with plastic latches instead of screws in the faceplate and a collapsible roller. Includes #4 tube.