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Planet Coastal carries a complete line of pool chemicals. For a complete listing and prices, request a 2015 Product Catalog.





Coastal Carolina Supply is proud to offer the latest in effective and innovative products for the swimming pool industry. For current pricing, please request a copy of our 2015 Product Catalog or see our 2015 Chemical Price List.

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  • Reduces plaster dust on new pools and remodels.
  • Maintains low phosphate levels and reduces clouding.
  • Removes copper and iron.
  • Prevents scale buildup on circulating system and pool equipmentProtects pool surfaces from staining.
  • Effective in high chlorine conditions.
  • Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. with garden hose attachment (ideal for homeowner pools and smaller commercial pools, 1 gal for larger pools (treates 96,000 gallons).



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  • Convenient and easy to use - just twice a week!
  • Breaks down water-borne contaminants to increase sanitizer effectiveness.
  • Algae Shield formula becomes more effective as product is used.
  • Inhibits scale buildup and metal staining on pool surfaces.
  • Clarifies and conditions for sparkling clear water and a "softer" feel.
  • Virtually eliminates chloramines that cause odor.
  • Extends the life of chlorine (salt) generator cells by inhibiting scale and other buildup and limiting troublesome pH "drift". 



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  •  Once-a-week spa care! Everything you need for incredible water quality.
  • EZ Spa Start: Use at start up and each time you fill. Removes phosphates, metals, scaling carbonates and organic debris. Protects spa surfaces from staining.
  • Total Care: contains a clarifier, stable oxidizer, scale inhibitor, water conditioner, and balancers. One dose for clear, clean, trouble-free water.
  • Boost: fast dissolving granular sanitizes and disinfects your water.
  • Up: Gently increases total alkalinity and pH levels.
  • Down: Gently decreases total alkalinity and pH levels.
  • Cal: a fast-dissolving granular for increasing calcium hardness
  • PLUS: 5-way test strips for measuring Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, pH, and Sanitizer levels.
  • Comes with measuring scoop for easy application.



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  • Extends the life of chlorine generator cells.
  • Improves sanitizer effectiveness.
  • Greatly enhances water clarity.
  • Limits pH fluctuations.
  • Prevents scale buildup on generator cell, equipment, and surfaces.
  • Maintains low phosphate levels. 
  • Available in 2 lb. and 25 lb. service size. 



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  •  Available in 3/4-oz. and 2-oz. service size.
  • Replacement reagents available in 2-oz. size.